Zen 5 architecture APUs, codenamed Strix Point, which will be included in the Ryzen 8000 series, can come with a 3nm manufacturing process and hybrid cores.

Starting with Zen 5, AMD can add 3nm processors with hybrid core design to its APU series. This will pose a serious challenge for Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake chip. Because, according to Kitguru’s share, Zen 5 architecture APUs are included in AMD Ryzen 8000; 8 will come out with high performance, 4 with high efficiency hybrid cores. It is also said that 3nm process technology can start with the AMD Ryzen 8000 APUs, codenamed Strix Point.

Although we have a long way to go for the Zen 5 architecture, new rumors from some sites are not clearly confirmed at this stage. Among these rumors, there are also speculations that there will be a new memory subsystem with Zen 5, but it would not be correct to approach this information with certainty. In one of the reports shared by various sources, it is mentioned that “Strix Point” AMD Ryzen 8000 APUs will be released in 2024 and will be produced on TSMC N3. The report also explained that due to the shortage of chips in AMD’s plans for the CPUs in the ‘Warhol’ series, which has been the subject of the rumors, the work is no longer moving forward. If Warhol is currently out of work for AMD, the updated version of the Zen 3 architecture (XT) is expected to be the Ryzen 6000 series, while the Zen 4 is the Ryzen 7000 series and the Zen 5 is the Ryzen 8000 series.

We are still far from seeing an official announcement about Strix Point APUs, which are claimed to be released in 2024. In a 3-year period, many things can change in the industry, especially with the current chip shortage we are facing. Do not forget to indicate your thoughts on the subject in the comments.


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