Various details about the AMD Van Gogh APU have come to light.
Competition between AMD and Intel continues in the field of desktops and performance / gaming laptops.

There is another challenge in the laptop market, where low-powered, thin, and light designs are popular for portability. Intel’s Tiger Lake-U processors are popular in this market, with a good balance of performance and low power usage. Of course, AMD could face tough competition with the launch of the Van Gogh APU.

An account called Moore’s Law Is Dead (MLID) shared an outline of the key features of the AMD Van Gogh APU and what it learned from various sources, including his own. Important details about AMD’s mobile APU are visible.

It is shared that the Van Gogh APU will be a 4-core 8-thread Zen 2 core configuration with 10 RNDA 2 CUs and will have LPDDR5 support. The FF3 socket is designed to create an inexpensive, accessible, low-power alternative to Intel Tiger Lake-U. As TSMC moves to N6 and N5 processes, it is also estimated that the 7nm Van Gogh APU can be produced and sold cheaply.

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