Reports from user forums revealed that AMD, known to be user-friendly, warned motherboard manufacturers not to support older motherboards.

When AMD first announced the AM4, it stood out with the promise of long-term support and strengthened its sales by gaining the appreciation of the users. The point reached upset the hardware lovers.

AMD is determined to read what it knows

AMD, who was forced back by users after announcing that the 400 series motherboards will not be supported for Ryzen 5000 just last spring, apparently does not fail to read what it knows.

Posting on the Hardwareluxx forums revealed that AMD had warned ASRock not to provide support to users upon providing Ryzen 5000 beta BIOS to motherboards with X370 chipsets.

Moreover, even the 400 series motherboards have not received official Ryzen 5000 support. Ryzen 5000 compatibility has already been achieved on these motherboards through Beta BIOSes.

The technical aspect suggests that 300 series motherboards can support Ryzen 5000 processors. Although 300 series motherboards have less successful examples than 400 series motherboards, some motherboard manufacturers’ solutions with X470 chipsets are identical to X370 chipset models, and even B450 motherboards with relatively weak VRMs receive Ryzen 5000 support while strong X370 chipset motherboards do not get Ryzen 5000 support. it has raised strong question marks about AMD’s behavior in minds.

Accordingly, AMD does not want owners of motherboards with 300 series chipsets to receive Ryzen 5000 support. Originally announced that the AM4 socket will be supported by 2020, AMD’s stance on the Ryzen 5000 announced in 2020 contradicts its promise.

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