Details of the 3rd generation EPYC processors announced by the red team in the past weeks have come to light. In addition, the incomprehensible naming of the chips was also announced.

AMD’s processors located on the server wing were briefly featured at the CES 2021 event held in recent weeks. The basic properties of chips have come to light.

The new server processors, codenamed Milan, are based on the Zen 3 architecture and will go through the 7 nm manufacturing process. The chips with 64 cores and 128 threads, EPYC 7763 at the top of the list, also stand out with their high cache capacity.

The EPYC 7763, which is at the top level, has determined an operating range of 2.45-3.6 GHz for the AMD chip, which has 256 MB of cache memory. The TDP limit drawn for the processor is shared as 280 watts.

The nomenclature of the processors is quite confusing. As with the desktop options, the chips that cannot be based on a simple logic compete with monitor models as in Intel.


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