Among Us Airship map brings new missions along with revamped styles and animations.Among Us finally gets the Airship map.

The game’s fourth map also comes with multiple floors, mechanisms, new missions, and a new set of hats. Developer InnerSloth first announced the new map at the 2020 Game Awards event in December. Among Us is constantly getting updates to be better, thanks to its great popularity. The game was launched in 2018, but last year it made a splash as the pandemic restricted everyone to home and was a huge success.

InnerSloth announced the update via a blog post on Thursday. The developers claim that they update the styles with clearer lines and an easier animation process. The airship map includes missions such as polishing jewelry, removing garbage, and more. The new update also allows players to choose the room from which they start and offer new areas to explore in the game. Among Us also improves the movement of the characters in the game by adding ladders and moving platforms. Apart from these, players are also offered more hat options to choose from, heart arrow, angry eyebrows, unicorn head, and more.

The aim of the game is to reach the end by completing the tasks with the innocent team. However, “Imposter” players are also an obstacle to this team and they are busy killing the players who do the tasks. Of course, he tries not to reveal his identity and tries to win the game. InnerSloth has recently expanded its cross-platform support, adding Nintendo to the list of compatible platforms, and the number of players who play the game has thus increased. The company also announced in December 2020 that Among Us will be available on Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass platform.

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Finally, let’s note that Among Us will receive the new map update in the coming days.


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