According to Nielsen’s figures, Among Us’s monthly active users reached 500 million. It is stated that Among Us broke the ‘most popular game in history’ record.

The game ‘Among Us’, which made the biggest surprise breakthrough of this year, broke a historical record. According to new data published by the market research firm Nielsen / SuperData, the number of active users of Among Us reached approximately 500 million in November. Among Us is stated to be by far the most popular game in history.

Although Among Us’s player numbers have reached an incredible level, revenue from the producers is still relatively low. SuperData, who made some statements on the subject, said, “Since there is not much to spend money in Among Us, the revenue figures are relatively small.The PC version, which has a price of $ 5, constitutes a very small portion (3%) of the player pool, but has the largest share in total revenue. (64%) owner. ” used the expressions.

Among Us was first released for free on iOS and Android platforms in June 2018. The game then came to PC in November 2018 with a price tag of $ 5. Interestingly, until the summer of 2020, however, hardly anyone knew Among Us. So a two-and-a-half year game suddenly appeared and suddenly began to take the whole world by storm.

Among Us has also arrived on Nintendo Switch and Xbox Game Pass as of this month. It has been confirmed that the game will also be released for Xbox consoles in 2021. There is no statement on the PlayStation side yet, but it is expected to come there as well.


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