Icelandir, the national airline of Iceland, has signed a decision to ensure that pilots without their duties are appointed as hostesses. The decision will come into force on July 20.

Icelandair, Iceland’s national airline company with a fleet of 26 aircraft, has made a very interesting decision today. During the coronavirus epidemic, the airline, which held talks with the Icelandic Cabin Team Association for a long time, took a new decision on the pilots working in the company.

According to the decision of the Icelandair airline today, pilots within the airline will now assume the duty of the cabin crew during the flight. Of course, the pilots who will take on this task will not be the same as the pilots controlled by the plane. However, with this decision, all crew of Icelandair will be pilots.

Employment of existing cabin members has been terminated:

The company, which has been holding talks with the Iceland Cabin Crew Association for a long time but could not reach a common decision, has decided to “permanently terminate the employment of the current cabin crew members and permanently end the employment relationship between the parties”.

During the flight, Icelandair, which is looking for different ways about flight safety and service on board, has signed a decision that will come into force on 20 July. According to the new decision, pilots without any flight duties will now be tasked with “ensuring flight safety” on other flights.

The airline also issued a warning to its passengers with the decision it made. The company said the services offered during the flight will continue to a minimum, as they have since the beginning of the coronavirus. This decision of the airline company also gathered the reaction of Iceland Cabin Crew Association.

Speaking on behalf of the Icelandic Cabin Crew Association, an official said that the airline’s decision and behavior were disgraceful, and they believed the public would not leave employees alone. Following this decision, cabin crew members in Iceland are expected to launch a strike.

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