There was a bug in Fornite that allowed you to get ahead of other players, including late to the battles. This bug, which applies only to Mac devices, gets you into the game when almost half of the players die.

Fortnite, one of the popular Battle Royale games, has increased the number of instant users as people stay at home. With the increasing number of users, it has begun to appear frequently in the game bugs. The strange mistake, especially for Mac users, has been bothering players lately.

Let’s say you are sitting at home and your soul wanted to play Fortnite with your friends. You opened your Mac and clicked the Fortnite icon on the desktop. Once you are accepted into the fight, you leave the loading screen while thinking exactly where to land. You return to the game again, but it’s too late.

Error in Fortnite; puts you back into the game when most people die:

Fortnite allows the game to continue even though half of the players die. The bug, which is only in the Mac version of the game, keeps it on the loading screen for 2-3 minutes after it is accepted into the fight. Then you return to the game just before the first circle begins to contract. As Fortnite players can guess, almost half of the players have died in combat by then.

The video above was recorded with “MacBook Pro 16”. As you can see, there are only 53 people actively fighting when the person who re-enters the game right before the first circle begins to contract. When the player lands on the ground, the number drops to 42.

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This error has both advantages and disadvantages. The time until the first circle contraction is the process where the players die the most. Not being in the game at the time of skirmishes means that you are exempt from the times when most people died, but the disadvantage is that most beautiful weapons and resources are collected when you enter the game. The error seems to be valid in the first Fortnite game played after the computer has been restarted. If the computer could not cache some data, it may be one of the causes of the problem.


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