Two viewers who sent a message to the e-mail address they saw in the Normal People series received answers written from the mouth of Connell Waldron, one of the main characters of the series. The duo shared these answers on Twitter.

The Normal People series, which was prepared in partnership with BBC and Hulu, was aired recently and was welcomed by both critics and viewers. Adapted from the best-selling novel by Sally Rooney, the series has praised its name by reflecting the complex relationship of Marianne and Connell, which started in high school in a small town in Ireland and took different forms over the years.

Two people watching Normal People, who achieved great success by reaching 16.2 million views in the first week on iPlayer, the digital platform of the BBC, decided to write a message to the e-mail address that appeared in the series. The two people who wrote to this e-mail address, which is shown to belong to Connell Waldron, one of the main characters of the series, received a reply from someone they never expected, Connell Waldron.

*** The next part of the article may contain spoiler details about Normal People. ***

One of these names, who sent a message to the email address he saw in the series, was Travis Smith, who went to college in Dublin like Marianne and Connell, and perhaps because of this, was highly influenced by Sally Rooney’s novel. Smith, who said that he was thinking about his old relationships while watching a section where Connell had a problem expressing his feelings towards Marianne, decided to write a message to this address when he saw Connell’s e-mail address in this section. Saying that this message, which he wrote to the character of Connell, actually serves to advise the former, Smith says that the need to connect with people in this quarantine process is also effective in writing this message. Even if the person he sent the message to is an imaginary character.

“I Acted Like a Complete Stupid to Marianne. I feel like I’m making the same mistake over and over again… ”
Knowing that this e-mail address he saw on the screen may not even be real, Smith, who wrote a message to this address, advised Connell to clearly express his feelings towards Marianne and not to keep all this in it. Of course, he doesn’t care what other people think.

While Smith expects to receive a “no email address found” response to this message, he says he was surprised when Connell Waldron was the character. The following words are used in the answer written by the character of Waldron:

“Thanks for your email, buddy. You’re right, I was like an idiot to Marianne. I feel like I’m making the same mistake over and over, but I don’t trust myself that I won’t hurt her again, and I feel like I don’t have control over my feelings.

I don’t know what will happen to us now, I never thought he would stay in Sligo and go to New York. But I am constantly thinking of it and I don’t know if I will feel like I’m at home here one day. I try to focus on writing, but in the end I always think of Marianne. We talk sometimes, but I have never felt so far from it. ”

Affected by the person who wrote this answer so much that Connell reflected his feelings so well, Smith spoke to his friend Michaela Dwyer about this incident and encouraged Dwyer to write an e-mail. On top of that, Dwyer sent a message telling Connell Waldron how much he liked the silver necklace he always wore. Like Travis Smith, Dwyer received a reply from Connell Waldron’s message. In his message, Connell explained that his mother gifted him to him at the age of 10.

It is not known who wrote these answers to Travis Smith and Michaela Dwyer. However, the incoming messages accurately reflect the character suggests that the answers came from one of the screenwriters team. Anyone who replies to these messages has stopped responding after this information is revealed. While Travis Smith couldn’t get a reply after that day, The Hollywood Reporter, who contacted via his email address to find out who wrote these messages, did not get any response.

You can find the tweets of Travis Smith and Michael Dwyer that they shared their correspondence with this email account below.


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