Andrew Kevin Walker, screenwriter of the movie Se7en, and director David Fincher came together for Netflix’s new movie. The movie The Killer will be based on a book.

Successful name David Fincher, who is the director of films such as Fight Club, Se7en, Zodiac and Mank, had signed a contract with Netflix in recent months and it was announced that he would produce special content for Netflix for several years. One of his first projects was announced recently.

Successful director David Fincher will reunite with Andrew Kevin Walker, who previously wrote Se7ven. The movie of the same name, which will be adapted from Alexis Nolent’s comic book series The Killer, will be directed by David Fincher and written by Andrew Kevin Walker. The film will be produced by Ceán Chaffin.

Although it is not officially announced for the time being, it is said that the lead role of the film was agreed with successful actor Michael Fassbender. The story of a cold-blooded assassin who begins to experience psychological problems in a world without moral values ​​is told in the comic book series based on the film, which is expected to be a Noir-themed film.

Details regarding the release date of the film, the cast and what kind of adaptation it will be, are unknown. However, the movie will be Netflix exclusive content.


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