Nintendo’s Switch console, which has an extremely important place among consoles today, was enlarged by 650% by an engineer. You can find the details in our news.

Nintendo Switch, which Nintendo released as a portable handheld console, is one of the most preferred products of the last period, although it is not as spoken as PlayStation and Xbox. Of course, the most loved part is that it can be carried. However, an engineer made a Switch console that could not be moved.

Space software engineer Michael Pick recently shared a video on his YouTube channel. In the video, Michael Pick shows the process of making the Switch console, which is 650% larger than Nintendo’s Switch console.

Definitely the most interesting thing about the console is that it still works even though it is this big. Of course, the main reason for this is that there are real controllers inside and they are connected there. Also, unlike the regular Switch, this console also has a 4K display.

You can watch the mentioned video below. Finally, Michael Pick made this Switch console by Monroe Carell Jr. in Vanderbilt. He also announced that he donated it to the Children’s Hospital.


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