Ubisoft warns that this demo is one year old, in addition to ensuring that the evolution of development has even led to changing the name of the game.

Despite Ubisoft’s demonstrated ambition with Gods & Monsters, the new IP unveiled at E3 2019, the reality is that we’ve hardly heard from him since. However, that could change very soon, since it is expected that we will see more about this “Assassin’s Creed on steroids” at Ubisoft Forward, the event that the French company is preparing digitally as an alternative to an E3 canceled due to the health crisis. of the coronavirus. This is reinforced by the existence of a demo that Stadia users have had access to, and which the Google platform published by mistake.

Under the code name Orpheus, this demo could be played by anyone who tried to access it, having captured even more than a minute of gameplay of this property, which can be seen in the link that accompanies at the bottom of this text. . Just in time before Google took action on the matter and removed this “accidental demo.”

In fact, Ubisoft itself, in statements to Eurogamer, has assured that this demo is the one corresponding to what was shown behind closed doors at E3 last year, and that it is confirmed, they will show it at the end of this summer. What’s more, they assure that their final name will not be Gods & Monsters.

Surprise: the game changes its name

“Our vision of the game formerly known as Gods & Monsters has evolved surprisingly, which is a common thing when you develop new worlds,” said Alexis Cote of Ubisoft Quebec, study in charge of the game. “A lot has changed since E3 2019 in terms of features, tone, art, character design, etc… even the name of the game itself. We are working hard and we are very excited to show players what we have created, later this summer. ”

For its part, Google admits its error by publishing a note, and ensuring that only “a few hundred players” were able to play that demo “for less than 30 minutes.”

Thus, announced a year ago, there is finally less to see the game formerly known as Gods & Monsters, a third-person adventure with action, puzzles, dungeons, and a touch of mythology precisely by the study that created the successful Assassin’s Believe Odyssey. It will arrive on a date to be determined to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X, PC and Stadia.


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