One of the top manufacturers of the smartphone market, LG wants to go back to its old days with new models. The Korean manufacturer, which is expected to take more risks in the coming days, will come out with a new scrolling screen phone. This phone will have similar features to the OPPO X2021 we saw in November.


LG is preparing a phone with a slide screen

LG, which has been silent for a long time, is working on a slide screen phone. This phone will come with a technology similar to OPPO’s scroll screen, as we mentioned above. Thus, it will have a more pleasant appearance than foldable screens.

LG’s new phone will be able to slide open, as can be seen from the picture. As with the OPPO X2021, the screen will be expandable and retractable just like a slide. According to the source leaking this information, LG’s new smartphone; It will be equipped with a primary screen with a resolution of 1080 x 2048 pixels and a size of 6.8 inches. The secondary screen will have a resolution of 1600 x 2428 and a size of 7.4 inches. Of course, let’s also point out that this is its normal size before folding.

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According to the information received, this new scrolling screen phone from LG is currently in the mass production phase. So if there is no problem, it is likely to become official at the CES 2021 fair to be held this year. like. Let’s wait and see …

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