Corporate companies have stepped into cryptocurrencies one after another in recent days. Continuing this trend, an NBA team will now pay their players’ salaries in Bitcoin.

Sacramento Kings, one of the popular teams of the NBA, is preparing to pay their players with BTC. Vivek Ranadivé, President and CEO of Sacramento Kings, announced at a Clubhouse session he attended today that anyone on the team can get their salary in BTC.

According to the information provided via Twitter by Neil Jacobs, who attended the Clubhouse session, Sacramento Kings President and CEO Vivek Ranadivé said:

Ethereum comment excited by Avatar Billionaire Mark Cuban
“In the next few days, I will announce to all employees of the Sacramento Kings that they can get their salaries with BTC. This includes players.”

The Sacramento Kings’ relationship with cryptocurrencies goes back even further. So much so that the popular NBA team had partnered with cryptocurrency-based payment provider BitPay in 2014 and started accepting BTC payments for products sold at the fan shop.

Vivek Ranadivé, President and CEO of Sacramento Kings, stated that back then, with the BitPay partnership, fans were one step closer to leaving their wallets at home.


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