News of new updates continue to come from Xiaomi, which has turned the smartphone market upside down. The technology giant, which encountered various problems with the updates it brought to some smartphones, continues to make a name for itself with the updates it brings to its phones. Xiaomi, who made millions of dollars with the Redmi series and filled his case with money, was the subject of our news today with a new update announcement. The famous company, which always publishes the first updates in China, has now announced a new update for Xiaomi Redmi 7A.



As a result of the information we have obtained, we have learned that the new update is called MIUI 12 and is available to users in China. In addition to India, it is not yet known when the update will be released in China soon.

As you may remember, Xiaomi introduced the MIUI 12 in April 2020 for the first time and talked about its superior performance in detail. Xiaomi Redmi 7A, which was launched in 2018 and has a very cheap price tag, has received a huge update after 3 years.

The MIUI 12 update, which is in stable beta, will soon be rolled out in other countries globally. It should be noted that the update will meet with Redmi 7A users in our country in a short time. We will continue to share with you as the details come. It is also a matter of appreciation that Xiaomi offers this update even to a phone belonging to 2019.


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