Huawei Watch GT 2 and Watch published a global update to Fit. The update brought a new application.


The smartphone manufacturer Huawei, which had a hard time in the smartphone market for a while and then almost rose from the ashes, continues to reach millions with both phone models and smart watches. The company, which recently waged war on Android and released its own operating system, Harmony OS, will present the next phone models with this operating system. The company, which brings frequent updates to its smartphone models, has not forgotten the smart watch models. A new update has also been released in the global market for Huawei Watch GT 2 and Watch Fit.

In fact, the company has published this update in limited countries in the past weeks. Before long, the globally released update brings some changes and fixes for users. With its release, the smart watch, which sold millions of pieces, got better with its new update.

Huawei Watch GT 2 and Watch Fit updated

The company, which has decided to publish the new update globally for its users in Europe, is making some changes on the smartwatch with this update. According to the log of the incoming update, the company added a new weather application to the smart clock that supports outdoor information, moon phase information, altitude barometer application with severe weather warning, system stability optimizations and more. The update released with version number has a file size of 20.20 MP. In addition, the company is preparing to introduce the Watch 3, the newest model in the smart watch series, soon. The next smartwatch model is expected to appear with the new operating system Harmony OS. An update of 14.30 MB with version number has also been released for Watch Fit. The weather application that came to the Watch GT 2 was also released for the Watch Fit.

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