Researchers of Germany’s Research Institute for Beer and Beverage Analysis made use of the method called “sequential mass spectrometry” and enabled the procedures to be applied for beer.

Although the developing technology is reflected in the food field, there are many studies on the production processes of food and the sustainability of these processes and these studies are gaining momentum day by day. Hops are widely used in beer production and the aroma of hops is loved by many consumers. Now, scientists have developed a method that can better measure the thiol compounds responsible for the aroma in beer, thereby producing beers with more fruit flavors.

Although the types of beer called “Pale ale” contain relatively less thiol components, it is difficult to detect and measure the small amount of the components in the mentioned type. Although the measurement methods used today are quite complex, they are not always accurate and some procedures require treating beer samples with toxic materials.


Although thiol compounds are found in high amounts in wine, today winemakers can measure thiol compounds in wine with special polymers, but this procedure cannot be applied for the small amounts of thiol compounds found in beers.

Now, researchers of Germany’s Research Institute for Beer and Beverage Analysis have applied the aforementioned method used for wines for beer, and using the method called “tandem mass spectrometry” that is “sequential mass spectrometry”, the procedures are applied for beer.

The researchers tried the developed method on 13 different beers obtained from different parts of the world and found that the new method was more successful than traditional methods.

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