The Outer Worlds came out in October 2019 and became one of the best releases of last year. Taking all the good things from Fallout, the Obsidian Enterainment guys made us recover sensations by visiting dozens of planets, exploring beautiful worlds, facing enemies with interesting strategic shootouts and with well-worked dialogue options. I have always considered the launch of such games on Switch to be good news. The game just came out on the Nintendo laptop and it’s time to talk about its benefits and what it doesn’t do so well.

The approach of the game is the same as in its older sisters. We are in the Alción System, a colony of Humanity that has occupied the planets of the system and has been waiting for more than 70 years for the arrival of a gigantic ship full of colonists called Esperanza. Dr. Phineas Wells finds the ship but rescues only one person: us.

It will be then when we find the typical editor in which we can distribute all kinds of points based on characteristics such as melee attacks, weapon attacks, leadership, charisma and special abilities that we improve every two levels such as skill. to carry more weight or increase accuracy in headshots.

As for combat, VATS is replaced by something called Tactical Time Dilation and it works wonderfully. Thanks to this we can stop time and think strategically about our actions. The meter fills up quite slowly so that we do not abuse it but it is a great opportunity to play the weapons that we have available such as pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, cannons … We can even recruit up to 6 NPC partners to help us in the game. Each combat is different and the option of choosing between stealth or direct confrontation is appreciated. Another way to avoid fighting is dialectical confrontation but in order to choose some answers we will need to have high stats in skills such as intimidation, engineering, medicine or charm. The subtitles are in Spanish and are the best of the game because they are full of humor and will inevitably make us smile.

The Outer Worlds has a duration of about 15 hours but it is quite replayable because we can make quite moral decisions such as sacrificing the life of innocents to get an item or end the life of any character for its own sake. If we accept the side missions the duration can increase up to 30 hours. These missions have as a reward key objects to be able to see the endings of some of our companions, so it is recommended to do them.

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But let’s go back to the Switch version which is what interests us:

It is a pleasure to be able to play these types of games on a laptop and in the parts where we explore closed scenarios it works like a charm. Logically we find a drop in the textures, a more blurred image, a reduction in the quality of the shadows, textures that load a little slower but in general the experience is within expectations and is a joy. The game goes to 720p in portable mode and 1080p in Television Mode but is in a constant struggle to stay at about 30fps stable.

In open spaces, things are complicated by a poor drawing distance and a drop in the textures of the settings and characters. Some of them appear spontaneously or take seconds to appear, which is a bit annoying. The Switch version comes with the font size patch that can be configured and can generally be read without problems. We can also aim using the gyroscope of the console or activate the HD vibration (but the latter is so exaggerated that it even bothers and the intensity cannot be calibrated).

These days a video from Digital Foundry has been circulating exposing the graphic errors of the game before slitting it is fair to say that on launch day a patch with HD textures and some problems solved.

The Outer Worlds is a great game. There are platforms where the game is more enjoyable, but if you have a Switch and want to take advantage of its portability, the game is just as enjoyable. It is a shame that on a technical level it has been so resentful compared to other types of ports (it is inevitable to think of The Witcher and DOOM) but the game is still enjoyable and an excellent option if you fancy a space adventure that on many occasions It will make you smile with its quality scripts and excellent combat. That the haters of the networks do not blind you, try it before judging it and it will surprise you.


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