Although the hardware world welcomes the last step of the green team, the question marks in mind are not completely resolved. How effective will the miner-specific cards be?

Although Nvidia has finally taken the expected step, users are not entirely sure. On the one hand, the uncertainty of the prices of the miner cards, on the other hand, the effectiveness of the green team’s measures raise questions in mind.

The GPU giant’s move finally came after the last few months of Ethereum’s increasing value. Selling graphics cards to miners, in the short term, beyond selling all products or even finding buyers above their value, is a shopping that can return and harm the company.

Nvidia had to take a step for itself
As a matter of fact, we have seen the result of this table in the previous graphics card stock shortage period. When the cards sold to miners in bulk began not to bring enough profit to miners, he took the second hand market.

RTX Ampere’s restriction against cryptocurrency mining
Restricting the performance of the RTX 3060’s cryptocurrency mining and the special CMP HX series cards for miners are important at this point. If we start with the RTX 3060, if the restriction is at the driver level, its effectiveness will likely be short. Although NVidia prepares its drivers with closed source code and supports DRM-based protections, unlike AMD, these attempts have not been very useful until now.

Moreover, the fact that cryptocurrency miners are already mingling with the drivers of the GA106 GPU, due to the financial motivation behind the miners and the RTX 3060 notebooks that have been on the market since last January, worsen the situation. It is unknown how long the BIOS-level measures will keep miners busy.

On the other hand, driver-based measures as well as the BIOS lock, which is not valid for RTX Ampere cards in the market, may fail to result in miners simply staying on the old drive.

Another claim is that there is a restriction based on the communication between the GPU-BIOS-driver trilogy. If true, this restriction, which seems more difficult to overcome, gives hope.

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More effective solution: CMP HX series for miners
Nvidia’s strategy for miner-specific card production may come to the rescue. Moreover, this step is a method that can be effective for a longer time compared to the other solution.

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Although the green team shared a table on the power consumption, memory capacity and digging performance of the CMP HX series graphics cards, which they published last day, the price and stock information of the cards have not been removed.

It all depends on the price and availability of miner cards
These are the two important topics that will determine the success of this strategy, which has the potential to shift miners to a completely separate market from the gaming graphics card market.

If the idea of ​​a special card for miners works, in theory it means more graphics cards for gamers and Nvidia will be protected from the RTX Ampere graphics card that can be experienced in the second hand.

So far, so good. But what if miners don’t buy their special graphics cards? This problem is strongly tied to the above 2 unknown details, considering the miners who see the graphics card as a purely investment.

Because the miners buy the graphics cards produced for the players to mine crypto money and earn money effortlessly, when they are done, they plan to sell these cards to the players. It should not be forgotten that the mining community will not want their equipment to become worthless in an instant.

Graphics card that suffers from stock shortage for 2 periods
However, finding a gaming graphics card in the market is as difficult for miners as for gamers. Miners are sweeping whatever they find in the market these days. It is possible to understand this from the rising prices of the RX 570/580s and the relatively young GTX 1650 Supers, which had also experienced the previous miner crisis.

Therefore, the miners’ special card idea may be more successful than Nvidia restricts the RTX 3000 series against mining cryptocurrency.

The duty of Nvidia here is to get the cards to the correct address and to maintain the price balance. However, even though the green team tries to resist the flow in the market, it is difficult to change the supply-demand rules in the market.

Finally, Nvidia will not be damaged as a result of its new steps, and it may not be able to deter miners from player cards in the short term. For this reason, RTX 3060 stocks are not completely optimistic. Still, it is admirable that Nvidia made at least one move.

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