“When I look at the monthly chart of Bitcoin, I see an interesting similarity (with the past). This gives me confidence that we will go above $ 20,000 in a few months. The first thing I focus on is long-term graphics. Expansion cycles … We actually talked about this. We talked about how each cycle expands from 11 to 13 months. In this case, we added 12 months to the previous one to remain natural. As a result, we expect a summit of around 100 thousand dollars like November 2022 ”

“Like the 2015-2017 bull season…”

The successful analyst also stated that his 100,000 dollar forecast remains proportionate to those who forecast 500,000 dollars. Merten also commented that BTC’s breaking new records will activate everyone and ensure a great altcoin season, and Bitcoin dominance gives signals similar to those in the 2015-2017 bull season:

“I think this similarity is a good signal. We may be in the early stages of an upcoming altcoin cycle. I am not even talking about the BTC domination going from 72 to 66 when the Altcoin season has never started … This is good for altcoins to take up space. If you are in the right place at the moment and do the right moves after that, you can make very serious gains ”

On the other hand, Merten believes that the new altcoin season will be triggered by Ethereum. Stating that the second largest cryptocurrency will explode within a few months, Merten said, “What we want to find is a break above this wedge and the continuation of both low prices and high levels. In the autumn of 2020, we face a period towards winter. We can approach our expectations in Altcoin and Bitcoin dominations during this period. ”


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