Cryptocurrency analyst Dave the Wave warned that the price of Bitcoin could drop slightly further.

Bitcoin today fell below $ 9,000 and fell below $ 9,000 in just 15 minutes. But Dave the Wave thinks that the drop in Bitcoin price is not over yet, and the price may go down again.

Names like Josh Rager recently announced that if the price of Bitcoin drops below $ 8,400, it could fall back to $ 7,000. Dave the Wave, on the other hand, thinks that the price may fall under not only 8 thousand dollars but 7 thousand dollars.

Dave the Wave thinks that the price of Bitcoin will rise in the long run and may even reach 6-digit numbers after a few years. But, according to his analysis, we can see that Bitcoin fell to $ 6 thousand 300 in the short term.

He knew before
Dave the Wave was particularly interested in an analysis last year. He said in an analysis in July 2019 that a bear market would last until the end of the year. Meanwhile, he was particularly pointing to the $ 7,000 zone and the gold.

This analysis made by himself surprised many people at that time because the price of Bitcoin was over $ 11 thousand when he made this analysis. But after Dave the Wave made this comment, the price of Bitcoin fell over time and fell to $ 6,400 in December 2019.


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