Despite the tough crypto market, analyst Lark Davis says six digital assets have the potential to gain ten times or more in value by the end of the year.

Injective Protocol (INJ)

Davis said the list is currently on sale as his team prepares for the launch; Layer-2 is launching decentralized exchange protocol with Injective Protocol (INJ). Stating that the platform has always been working to deliver technology and has a lot of partners, Davis thinks that going to Injective’s main network will be a great price catalyst for this cryptocurrency.

“I’m talking about this money because it’s a bit off right now. The price has dropped by about a third from an all-time high. Also, Injective Protocol will soon be on its main network.

… And the current market value is only 400 million dollars. This can be the type of coin that can easily increase 10 times or more. When the mainnet starts, we will begin to see the real demand for the token, real users coming, it will become very large. ”

QuickSwap (QUICK)

YouTuber calls its decentralized exchange platform QuickSwap (QUICK) as the second digital asset it believes is ready to recover. Quickswap is called the Uniswap of the Polygon network. Davis argues that the QuickSwap in the Polygon network is currently below its real value and points out that it has significant earning potential.

“What really matters is the market value, if you look at the market value; You can see that there is currently an under-valued cryptocurrency because the polygon network itself is crazy. ”

Linear Finance (LINA)

Synthetic asset platform Linear Finance (LINA) ranks third on Davis’ list of digital assets likely to gain ten times more value. Linear Finance is currently being sold very cheaply, according to Davis.

“Linear Finance price actually dropped about 77% from an all-time high; that means a pretty dramatic drop in the price of something that relies on technology, has users, knows how to survive, build things and do. He’s currently an unreasonably overwhelmed presence.

Major protocols such as Synthetix (SNX) among synthetic token protocols; Considering that Linear Finance has 20 times the market value now, I think Linear Finance has much more chance to grow. ”

Bancor Network (BNT)

The cryptocurrency analyst and trader says the decentralized exchange Bancor Network (BNT) is another digital asset with high potential. Bancor is an intriguing investment, as it stands out in the DeFi space, according to Davis.

“The product they offer is really great. Due to the nature of the temporary loss and the dynamics of the market, many people lose money while providing liquidity. (…) So what they can solve is temporary loss problems. Thus, they enable you to make unilateral liquidity provision without permanent losses. I can even see Bancor potentially making a 10-fold move if the market continues to show an overall bullish trend for the rest of the year. ”

EpiK Protocol (EPK)

The Nun-Fungible token (NFT) platform EpiK Protocol (EPK) ranks fifth on Lark Davis’ list of digital assets that are expected to increase by 10 times or more. Davis argues that the EpiK Protocol, which is on the verge of realizing a token sale, has “very high potential” due to the niche market it targets: the game.

“The interesting thing about EpiK is that it is not a direct competitor to what they are really trying to do in the crypto space. Working with huge brands, they especially benefit from the game market. Here they benefit from a user base of one hundred million potential users and players. “

Mercurial Finance (MER)

YouTuber completes the list with the Solana blockchain-based DeFi platform Mercurial Finance (MER), which is in the token sale process. Mercurial Finance, a platform that works in the Solana ecosystem, provides stable exchanges and super high efficiency.

“The team behind Mercurial Finance basically aims to make it a one-stop-shop for stable liquidity and stable asset exchange on Solana. So if you want to meet someone who moves early in the Solana ecosystem, Mercurial Finance is definitely a platform you should check out. “


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