In a new tweet series, Credible Crypto claims that some altcoins with huge market cap continue to look strong during the sudden correction without any dramatic price drop. According to the trader, the bottom provides an important purchasing opportunity.

In this process, the analyst; Bitcoin Cash (BCH), decentralized public network Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR), decentralized application platform EOS, Bitcoin fork Litecoin (LTC), privacy focused coin Zcash (ZEC), best smart contract platform Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple announced that it has purchased the local token, XRP.

“The big coins are definitely surviving this decline very well. This is exactly what you want to see when you want to buy from the bottom. Uploading XRP, HBAR, BCH, EOS, ZEC, ETH, LTC. ”

Credible Crypto continues to particularly emphasize Bitcoin Cash, assuming its followers probably don’t have enough Bitcoin forks.

“I will repeat. You are not sufficiently exposed to BCH. ”

Credible Crypto also gives an in-depth analysis of Hedera Hashgraph, an intriguing platform, and claims that it will be able to rally between 545 percent and 1512 percent from its $ 0.31 price at the time of writing.

“We will reach $ 2.00 – $ 5.00.”

According to the trader, HBAR needs to keep its strength above the $ 0.35 range to gain momentum and start the rally.

The analyst notes that people say that this pump will not last long, that this statement is misleading and very exaggerated, but that is not true:

“My friend, the pump started at $ 0.24 and HBAR is currently trading at $ 0.34 (the price at the time of sharing), about 40% higher. What more do you want? “


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