So far, Ripple (XRP) price has maintained a stable rally around $ 1.32 with minor fluctuations until the big drop. However, due to the general negative sentiment in the cryptocurrency market, it lost stability and visited much lower levels. As the price dropped below $ 1, an analyst announced that he expected an intense recovery.

Analyst: Next move for Ripple could point to $ 10

However, given the previous price movements, the price has seen a long jump in a bull run phase each time, according to Sahana Vibhute of Coinpedia. The next move could raise the price in the range of $ 0.82 to $ 10, according to a popular analyst and XRP advocate cryptobull2020. The analyst used the following statements:

XRP rose from $ 0.11 to $ 0.78 (700%), from $ 0.17 to $ 1.96 (1,000%). The next move will be in the range of $ 0.82 to $ 10.

XRP price analysis

According to Coinpedia analyst Sahana Vibhute, the XRP price has dropped drastically in a short time. Many assets have embarked on an accelerated return effort, but this failed to push XRP above $ 1. Vibhute said, “Currently the price has dropped below the 20-day MA and must rise above $ 0.96 to move above the MA. RSI levels are also running lower, indicating that the asset is oversold; therefore, it shows that it is below the average price, ”he said.


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