MagicPoopCannon has set a bullish flag on its daily XRP / USDT chart. If the bullish flag moves up, XRP could rise to $ 1.20.

Bitcoin highlighted the speed of all crypto markets and set the only logical direction for XRP. MagicPoopCannon, senior Bitcoin and crypto analyst, updated XRP’s remittance coin analysis. According to Magic, a bull printed a flag on the daily chart. Unwinding of the bullish flag to the upper side could raise XRP to $ 1.20.

XRP Must Break $ 1 To Reach $ 1.20
There are several resistance zones ahead of XRP’s journey to $ 1.20, around $ 0.80, $ 0.92 and $ 1.

Popular market analyst Will Meade emphasized on Twitter that XRP is likely to rise to $ 1 as soon as Bitcoin makes the next move.

Magic also warned XRP traders and investors to track the price of the cryptocurrency giant in case any sudden Bitcoin movement could occur.

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