Android 11 was made available on the Xiaomi front, but reports indicate that users are not satisfied with this update.



The Android 11 update continues to meet new phones on the Xiaomi front. Android 11, released for some models before MIUI 12.5, seems to be quite annoying. Both Mi 10T and Mi 10t Pro users have suffered the most from this update.

MIUI 12.1.2 version was supplied with Android11 ​​in Xiaomi Mi 10T series. Let’s start to list some problems that many users have mentioned in the subsection.

Android 11 Makes Xiaomi Phones Unusable

One of the problems faced by users is the unstable operation of the fingerprint scanner. Random restarts on the phone are also one of the most frequently mentioned problems. Some of the problems reported by users are as follows:

  • Fingerprint scanner responding late and sometimes not responding
  • Phone screen not responding sometimes
  • Background refresh of various apps and notifications is often erratic
  • According to some, random crashes every 3-4 days.
  • Full screen gestures not working, need to restart phone to get everything back to normal
  • Generally noticeable delays in the system

We hope Xiaomi does not wait for the MIUI 12.5 update to overcome so many problems that have arisen in the Mi 10T series. Both Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro models have been on sale in our country for a while. If you are using one of the phones we mentioned, my advice to you would be that you do not update. So what did you update? Have similar problems happened to you?


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