We bring you a list in which we will be updating with all the mobiles that have confirmed their update to Android 11, the latest version of the Google operating system that is currently in beta phase. Among its first novelties we find the screen recording, programmable dark mode, permissions to use only once, or the possibility of setting applications in the share menu.

Being a version that is still in development, it is still early for our list to have all the phones that will be, although we will try to always be all those that are. We are going to focus on those that have been confirmed, without going into the speculated ones or the devices that have more possibilities, which in the first version of our beta means that they are the devices that have already confirmed that they will receive said beta.

The idea that we have is to update the list from time to time, so that if you enter now or enter within three months you always have a precise idea of ​​which mobiles have confirmed the reception of Android 11. Therefore, being a job that we are going To update, we ask you for a little patience, and if you have missed us, tell us in the comments section.

Mobiles that update to Android 11

Next, we leave you the list of mobiles that are going to update to Android 11. The list will be made by computer by manufacturer, and always in alphabetical order. In the name of each device we will try to include whenever possible a link to the analysis or the release form of each one in case you want to expand the information of each one.

You will see that several manufacturers are missing that they will surely have mobiles with Android 11, and even mobiles that are clearly going to receive it for being flagships of first-level manufacturers. However, we will include them when manufacturers have announced their intentions regarding them.


Google owns Android, so it stands to reason that their mobiles were the first to allow the Android 11 beta to be installed. And as expected, these mobiles where the beta is tested are also the ones that will receive the update. We could summarize by saying that they will all be except the original Pixels, at least for now.

  • Google Pixel 2
  • Google Pixel 2 XL
  • Google Pixel 3
  • Google Pixel 3 XL
  • Google Pixel 3a
  • Google Pixel 3a XL
  • Google Pixel 4
  • Google Pixel 4 XL
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OnePlus is a manufacturer that since its inception has said that it will try to make an effort to keep their phones updated. At the moment it has only announced that one of its devices is joining the beta, but it is to be expected that others will be announced little by little.

  • OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro


OPPO has been another one of the manufacturers that reacted quickly to the launch of the first beta, and from the beginning confirmed the first device to join the program. It did not specify the member of the Find X2 family that is incorporated, so we will only put one. Still, it is expected that more devices from this and other of their families end up receiving Android 11.

  • OPPO Find X2


Realme also announced the first device that will receive the Android 11 beta, and therefore it has confirmed receiving this version with the Realme UI customization layer. Hopefully they will announce other devices later, at least for the final version of Android 11.

  • Realme X50 Pro


Xiaomi has also confirmed two Mi devices that join the beta, and also one of its POCO sub-brand that will join. Therefore, these three mobiles are already confirmed for Android 11, although possibly more will come a little later.

  • Xiaomi Mi 10
  • Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro
  • Little F2 Pro


Vivo has also announced the first devices that it incorporates into the beta of Android 11, both its brand and its IQOO sub-brand. At the moment they are few, but as we have said with the other manufacturers, it would be expected that more would come.

  • Live Nex 3S 5G
  • iQOO 3 5G
  • iQOO 3 4G


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