Android 11, which is one of the updates that Android users are eagerly waiting for, came to the phones one by one, and various problems started to arise. The Android 11 update that comes to some of the smartphones of Xiaomi, OnePlus and other brands is currently attracting users’ reaction with the problems it brings.



While the number of users who want to remove the new update of Android 11 continues to increase with each passing day, it has been a matter of curiosity when these problems will be resolved. Users began to search for solutions to these problems in various media.


What are the Android 11 Update Issues?

Some of the users who downloaded the update stated that their smartphones were charging slower.
Another problem brought by the update was the Wi-Fi problem. Users often report that their phones cannot connect to Wi-Fi after the update and that connection problems occur.
Network problems, especially on OnePlus phones, caused the phone to run a little slower.


When Will The Problems Be Solved?

While there is no clear explanation yet, let us state that such problems have been encountered before. The necessary channels will soon resolve such problems and offer a new update to Android 11 users.
Since the update released is beta, it is quite normal for such problems to occur.
Especially OnePlus users encountered these problems with the beta 1 update. These problems will be eliminated with the next update.

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