Focusing on the Android side, Nokia firm released the Android 11 based update for the Nokia 2.3 phone model. We look at the details …


While millions of smartphone users around the world continue to follow Android 12 with curiosity, Android 11-based updates continue to spread rapidly. Progressing to become the most used Android processor, Android 11 comes to different phone models such as Samsung, Nokia and Xiaomi. Incoming updates are becoming the center of attention while offering users a safer usage experience as well as brand new features. It was announced today that the Android 11 update for the Nokia 2.3 smartphone has been released. Smartphone owners, who have been in sleep mode for a long time, also laughed.

In the previous news, we mentioned that the Android 11 update for some Nokia phones is on the way. The update to 3.4 and 3.2 smartphone models was highly appreciated by users and the features had completely changed the phones. The company has now released an update for another smartphone model, making its users smile once again. While the highly anticipated update was launched this morning, users started to download the update quickly.

Nokia 2.3 made faces laugh with Android 11 update

The company has released the Android 11 update for its smartphone to its users in limited countries. The update, which will be made available to users in other countries in the coming days, brought prominent features such as new chat bubbles, notification panel and a new user interface. With the update, users have a more stable operating system.


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