The Android 11 update published by the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi for the Mi A3 model causes the devices to turn off never turning on again.

Before the New Year Xiaomi began distributing the stable version of Android 11 for Xiaomi Mi A3 devices. Judging by the initial reports from users, the device update is not yet available to install and even dangerous.

Phone becomes unusable
According to reports from Xiaomi Mi A3 users, the update completely kills the smartphone and turns it into a “brick” (technology glossary). This is not Xiaomi’s first incident if we talk about the Mi A3 model. The company released an Android 10 update for this model in early 2020 and withdrew this update due to too many bugs.

With the Android 11 update, we can say that this situation is much more serious. Because if you do the update, your phone may become unusable. If you own a Mi A3 and received an update notification, it is recommended that you hold the download. Xiaomi is expected to roll back this buggy update quickly and release it again after fixing it.


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