Starting to release the Android 11 update to its smartphones, Samsung has also started to release the update for the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S6 Lite tablet is getting its first major OS update. The Android 11 version, presented to users with the P615XXU4CUBB code, is now ready to download for Galaxy Tab S6 Lite users. The new update started to be offered about 2 months earlier, according to the information written in the calendar published in the past months. Thus, Samsung’s mid-range tablet begins to transition to Android 11 10 months after its international release.

It is not yet known how long the Android 11 update will be completed. Another unknown is whether the interface will be One UI 3.0 or One UI 3.1 with the version. It is worth mentioning that the One UI 3.0 version is expected for the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. However, the Galaxy Tab S6 is currently in the process of getting One UI 3.1. One UI 3.1 update for Galaxy Tab S6 appeared yesterday. Based on this, it is possible to say that the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite will follow the same path and will receive the One UI 3.1 update in a short time.

In addition, we see that the March 2021 security patch is a part of the update. It should also be noted that the update first started to be published in European countries and will be released for other countries in the near future. Although the update will be automatically notified, users who do not want to wait can try to download the software manually by entering the Settings tab and see if the update is active.

Finally, let’s say that Samsung will activate the Android 11 version on all planned devices in a short time.

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