Google is considering offering a similar privacy system for Apple’s feature in iOS 14.5 with Android 12. It is said that this system of Google will have more flexible rules than Apple. In iOS 14.5, Apple requires developers to obtain user consent to track their activity on other apps and websites, or to access random ad identifiers for their devices. It will be very interesting for this feature to come to Android.



Android 12 and privacy

When you open an app whose activity you want to monitor, you will be asked explicitly and there will be an optional prompt such as “allow to watch” or “require app not to be tracked”. In this way, the user will be able to decide whether they can share their data with applications.

While this approach is resisted by advertisers and some app developers, it’s good news for users. That’s why Google is considering adding similar measures to its ecosystem. However, according to Apple’s mandatory requirements, these will be more flexible. So Google won’t offer privacy like Apple does. He can never present either.

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Currently, much attention is paid to the protection of personal privacy. It is very gratifying that Apple, the pioneer company in privacy, has started a new trend and directed data protection. The fact that Google will go the same way shows that Android users will protect their data. Let’s see how Google’s privacy policy will be designed to please both advertisers and Google.


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