OnePlus 9  News: It was stated that the OnePlus 9 series was removed from the Android 12 program in the past days. The mistake was corrected and included in the program.


Android 12, which is eagerly awaited by the technology world, will be released soon. The operating system, which is the subject of our news, is expected with a series of innovations. The system, which will be published in our country soon, is currently in beta phase. The countdown has begun for the system, which satisfies the users in beta. The system, which is currently in the beta process, gives users the opportunity to experience a number of features. The system, which will also bring a special mode to the players, removed the OnePlus 9 series from the beta program the other day. The phone series, which encountered this situation as a result of a mistake, was included in the program with the announcement that came today.

The beta program, which includes giants such as OPPO and Samsung, will continue until the operating system is released as a full version. Phones that try the limited feature in the beta program may soon receive the news they expect.

OnePlus 9 Series Included in Android12 Beta Program

A surprise announcement was made for the phone series, which was removed from the beta program as a result of a mistake in the past days. According to our information, the beta update that blocked a number of devices has finally been fixed. Google fixed some of the blocking issues on the beta update and the phone series is back in the beta program. In other words, 9 series users can download the beta update and start experiencing it now if they wish. The countdown for Android 12, which is expected to be released within the year, continues from where it left off.


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