We are here with very important information about the Android 12 version, which is expected to be tested by users for the first time in March.



Currently, many manufacturers in the Android ecosystem are releasing Android 11 updates for smartphone and tablet models. On the Google front, there is the excitement of Android 12. The search engine giant will likely release the first developer preview version of Android12 in March and have the new version tested by users for the first time.

While the work continues at full speed, some sources close to Google, especially the XDA Developers site, continue to transfer leaks from the Android12 front. Now let’s not extend the talk any longer and see what will meet us in the new Android version.


Android 12 Latest Developments

Enhanced Auto Rotation

Auto-rotate feature in Android has often been a problem. Users can switch between portrait or landscape mode via a special button on the Quick Settings panel. Of course, this doesn’t always work in a healthy way. Google, who wants to bring the user experience to a better point, wants to make the automatic rotation feature via the front camera with Android12. The front camera will detect the direction of the head in relation to the smartphone and as a result will be able to point its interface in the right direction.

Game Mode

Again, according to the XDA Developers site, Google plans to include a game mode in the Andorid 12 version. Currently, many Android manufacturers also offer the game mode in their interfaces.

Described as a “service for managing game-related features”, this tool will likely be an API that allows games to have control over key features such as auto brightness, auto rotate, change Do Not Disturb mode. Details regarding the game mode developments are unclear and unclear for now.

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Reduce Bright Colors

Google is developing a new feature called “Reduce Bright Colors”. This new feature, which we do not know the details of yet, will provide great convenience for users who are partially blind and color blind.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

This feature has been in use on the Android side since the Android Oreo release, but when we look at the last few years, no significant improvement has been detected for the picture-in-picture mode. With Android12, it is stated that the screen will be enlarged by gesture and the window can be hidden when necessary. Incoming information is that the window will be enlarged by double clicking.

Balloon Notifications and Double App

Balloon notification feature like in Facebook Messenger can be brought into more applications. In addition, it will be possible to use two screens at the same time in split screen mode.

“Material Next” New User Interface

Google’s version of Android12 will exhibit radical changes this time, especially in the interface. A new theme engine will be used at the system level in these new developments named as Material Next. However, the new notification panel, quick settings user interface, home screen, new privacy settings, Google camera improvements and a new type of system widgets are the main innovations we encounter in Android12. In addition, Google aims to rearrange the lock screens and create a more functional layout in the next Android version.

One-Handed Mode

Smartphone dimensions have reached a significant point. It is almost impossible to use many phones with one hand. Google will include a one-handed mode to the system with Android 12. This feature has been used by other Android partners for years. The details of the one-handed mode are currently unknown.


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