Android 12 News: Google has accelerated its work on Android 12. With the Android 12 Beta 2 update, new features were added to the system.


Technology giant Google introduced the Android 12 version at the Google I/O 2021 event held last month. Starting Beta tests on Pixel models after the event, Google stepped up today and came up with the Android 12 Beta 2 update. Google, which did not add the innovations announced in Google I/O 2021 to the system in the first beta, included these features in the version published today.

With the update, privacy dashboard, microphone and camera indicators, clipboard reading notification and a more intuitive connection experience are added to Pixel models. In addition, performance and stability improvements are also made with Beta 2.

What’s new with Android 12 Beta 2

Privacy Dashboard

The new Privacy Dashboard feature provides a single view of your permission settings, as well as what data is accessed, how often, and with which apps. It also allows you to easily revoke app permissions directly from the control panel.

Microphone and camera indicators

Quick settings make it easy for users to instantly disable app access to the microphone and camera. In this way, you can instantly restrict applications.

Clipboard read notification

To give users more transparency about when apps are reading from the clipboard, Android 12 now shows a section at the bottom of the screen whenever an app searches. This feature is the same as the feature that came with iOS 14.

More intuitive connection experience

To help users better understand and manage their network connections, Android 12 offers a simpler and more intuitive connection experience between Status Bar, Quick Settings and Settings. The new Internet Panel helps users switch between Internet providers and troubleshoot network connectivity issues more easily.

The new beta version is coming to Google Pixel 3 and above phones. Let’s say that this update will come to other phones that support it in the future.


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