Tests of Android 12 continue at full throttle. Google has now released the Android 12 Beta 3 update for developers.


Google continues on its way for the new Android version with sure steps. Entering a new structuring process with Android 12, Google started testing the new version on Pixel models last month. Today, Android 12 Beta 3 version is available for download via OTA for developers. This update, which comes with innovations, seems to satisfy Android enthusiasts.

With the last Beta version; Innovations such as swiping screenshots, searching the device, changing the refresh rate, supporting the interface in 4K resolution are offered to Pixel devices.

What’s new with Android 12 Beta 3

The ability to scroll screenshots is actually included in many Android phones. However, it was a feature offered by the interfaces of these companies and was not supported as an API. Google now supports this as an API, making the feature work more stable.

Google introduced a new AppSearch API, which is basically an in-device search engine that allows apps to index structured data and search on it with built-in full-text search capabilities. With this API, making phone calls will become even easier.

The auto-rotate feature for Pixel 4 and later Pixel phones will use face detection with the front camera to more accurately recognize when to rotate the screen. Images will never be stored or sent off-device as it uses the Custom Compute Core to make the auto-rotation decision.

In this way, security will also be ensured. However, Android 12 will have faster auto-rotation with 25 percent lower latency thanks to a new ML-driven motion detection algorithm and optimizations in animation and redraw.

Android 12 features new Game Mode APIs that allow developers to customize their game performance based on user-specified profile, such as better battery life or peak performance for maximum frame rates. The API will also provide access to important utilities during gameplay. You will now be able to start playing mobile games while downloading them.

Other features in beta 3 include the ability to configure camera and microphone toggles on fully managed enterprise devices, along with a permission for CDM-paired apps starting foreground services. In this way, Google aims to increase security to the next level.

This update seems to work for Android TVs. Because with the latest Beta version, many innovations are added to TVs. Among these innovations;

  • Support for seamless and seamless refresh rate switching with new Refresh Rate Toggle Settings.
  • More consistent hotplug behavior with improved TV viewing modes reporting.
  • Improvements to the Android Framework that reduce the burden of media processing for consistent and efficient playback across devices.
  • Support for background blur in system UI elements for visual separation of different UI layers.
  • Support to render Android TV OS in full 4k resolution
  • New microphone and camera indicators when used by apps.
  • Global toggles for microphone and camera access in apps.
  • Device validation is included to ensure your app is certified and running on original hardware.


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