While many smartphones continue to receive Android 11 updates, there are new news from the Android 12 version that Google has been working on for the past year. Android 12, which came to the fore with leaks at first, was later officially confirmed, and when there is no clear date yet to be presented to users, it attracted the attention of millions before it was presented.



While different smartphones download the Android 11 update, millions of users are counting the days for this update to arrive on their phones. As such, the news about the release instantly becomes the center of attention of millions.

According to the information we have gathered, Android 12 will bring vibration optimization with it. As is known, there is vibration feature in smartphones and other products such as Google Stadia. However, we can either turn this feature on or off. Here, with the new version, users will be given the opportunity to customize the vibrations. More precisely, different vibration models will be presented.

In other words, users will be able to choose different vibration models instead of one type of vibration and use them on their devices. With this step, Google will improve the vibration effect on Android devices. Especially players who connect to other devices to play games with their smartphones will be able to feel and experience the vibration more effectively thanks to the effects brought by the new version.

Speaking of more details, Google has sent new codes to AOSP to improve gamepad vibrations. With the code change, vibration control was provided and the way was opened to create special vibration effects. With this feature, a better experience is offered to mobile players.

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