With the release of Google’s Android 12 Beta version, the design of the new version has also emerged. Google seems to have taken care of Samsung One UI.



While Samsung is busy rolling out the Android 11-based One UI 3 update to its smartphones and tablets, Google has released the first developer beta of Android 12. With the release of the Android 12 version, changes in the design have also emerged. It looks like Google was inspired by Samsung.

According to the images created by Mishaal Rahman from XDA Developers; Android 12 is inspired by Samsung’s One UI. In fact, it is so inspired by the design that at first glance you might even think it belongs to One UI. It is obvious that Samsung has achieved great success with the One UI interface after years. This success apparently attracted the attention of Google as well.

Google’s new interface looks simpler and more useful. However, it should be noted that this design does not belong to the final version. Google will probably make a lot of improvements on this. In addition, features specific to some Samsung phones will come to Android 12 with the update. This is the best part of Android. Features that a developer used before can also be used in the current Android version. In this way, the features work more stable.

Google is expected to roll out the new update to Pixel models in October. However, Samsung models will only be able to receive this update in 2022. If Google can also solve the following update, it will delete Apple from the market, but it just does not happen. Let’s see if Google, which offers the opportunity to download updates from the Play Store with the new version, will be able to solve this problem?


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