Android 12 expected by millions of users will solve a serious problem in Samsun and Xiaomi smartphones.


Android 12, which has been beta on Google Pixel devices in the past months, continues to be eagerly awaited. The operating system, which is currently being experienced as beta in different phone models of many brands, will soon be released. The operating system, which will bring different innovations from each other, will almost eradicate the iOS platform. The system, which will also include a special game mode for players, will appear in the summer months. With the news coming today, we learned that the operating system will solve a serious problem in Xiaomi and Samsung smartphones.

As brand new phones continue to appear in the smartphone market, the operating systems have also increased. Finally, while Huawei announced its own operating system HarmonyOS, Android users were also excited by this development. New developments continued to occur these days when we are heading towards the half of 2021.

Android 12 Will Fix A Serious Problem

The new operating system, which we expect to be launched in the summer, will bring many innovations. Both Samsung and Xiaomi phones will suggest not to save system screenshots to DCIM, pictures, videos and special directories, which will solve a serious problem in terms of privacy. The system, which will pay more attention to user privacy, will force Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, realme and other privacy-infringing user files to take a more careful approach to storing. The operating system will be more sensitive to user privacy.


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