Multitasking between apps on Android has been pretty easy for many years. However, using two apps on split screen can sometimes frustrate users. While new forms such as foldable on smartphones started to be popular, Google announced that it will touch this point. With the version of Android 12, a feature called App Pairs will come for the split screen interface.



Splitting apps will be much easier with Android 12

In recent years, many new designs with large screens and multiple screens have spread among devices in the Android ecosystem. Examples of these devices include Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, Microsoft Surface Duo, LG Wing. However, Android couldn’t keep up with these new changes quickly.

Currently, to use apps in split mode; After starting an application, you need to open the last applications screen and when selecting the second application, you need to pin the first application from the upper part of the screen. Yes, it is a very long and laborious process.

Android 12 will feature a new feature called pairs of apps that work similarly to a Samsung app. What this feature does; will allow the user to create pairs of apps that, when clicked, will automatically open selected apps together in split view.

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This will allow users to switch between single and paired apps more effectively from the recent apps screen.

In addition to this feature, Google engineers are working to provide support for vibrating controllers on Android 12. In this way, vibrations in Google Stadia, GeForce Now and Android games can be transmitted to the controller instead of the phone.

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