Before the stable version of Android 11 was officially released, the developer announced that features such as Screen off, Screen capture, etc. will come with a neat double tap on the back of the phone in the developer version.



Unfortunately, this feature has not been brought to the stable version of Android 11. Therefore, there was no feature to replace the Google Pixel’s edge pinch motion and error undermined by the latest Pixels. However, there is still a chance for this functionality with Android 12. “Columbus”, one of the editors of 9to5Google, said this feature will be re-introduced with Android 12.

According to the report, the original feature was scrapped as the system would accidentally record touches. However, the more refined version will require a solid touch to the rear. By double-tapping the back, you can take a screenshot, call the Google Assistant, open the notification panel, control media playback, or open the recent apps menu.

Still, it’s unclear whether the feature will be made available for all phones running Android 12 or will remain exclusive to Pixel only.


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