As is tradition, the new version of the Android operating system started the preview process in February. The Android 12 update focuses on improving the user experience.

Google’s Android operating system, which hosts more than 3 billion devices, is about to get its new version. The developer preview of the Android 12 version has been shared with a published blog post.

What will Android 12 offer?
While the Android 12 operating system, which we will gradually learn the details with its opening to developers, is planning to further improve the user experience, the claim that it will take the name Snow Cone has come to the fore a while ago.

Developments for Android, which gives life not only to phones but also to tablets, televisions and hybrid laptops. It is possible to list the latest Android 12 features as follows:

Increase productivity during gameplay by optimizing memory usage and turning on automatic Do Not Disturb mode
Automatically rotate the screen according to the user’s situation using the front camera
Decrease screen brightness
One-handed operation that can scale the screen up to 40 percent
Support high quality image files such as AVIF
Simpler and more sophisticated hand gestures
Providing more intense feedback by combining vibration and sound
More modern, more customizable and easy to use notifications
Android security updates can be obtained from the store
Rich content can be transferred more fluently with paste and paste
A more efficient interface for Google TV
The Android 12 developer preview is available on Pixel 3 and later smartphones. Those who do not have Pixel phones can use emulators in Android Studio. Android 12 will have its final version in late summer.


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