Android 12, the highly anticipated operating system of the Android world, appeared before its users as beta. Since the announcement of the operating system, which has been expected by millions of users for months, we have been in our news. The update, which brings various innovations and security features to users, has already begun to be tested on Google Pixel devices. The device, which has not yet been announced when it will come to other phone models, has started to make users smile.



We want to talk about the features of Android 12. The new operating system, which offers a more secure usage level with its advanced privacy options, has gained a very assertive structure with its improved user interface. It will provide us with the opportunity to manage update notifications in an easier way, which also offers faster and more responsive notification options. The operating system, which will be more sensitive in the Wi-Fi connection point, will progress to become the most used operating system in the world.

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According to the information we have obtained with the announcement made by Google today, the beta version of the operating system has been offered to Pixel phone users. While the update published depending on the regions is not yet available for all phone models, it is currently being used on Pixel phones. While users can still experience a beta version, the full version is expected to be released in the coming months. The update published for testing purposes will sooner or later show itself on other smartphones.


Android 12 Has Come to These Devices

– Pixel 3a
– Pixel 3a XL
– Pixel 3
– Pixel 3 XL
– Pixel 4a 5G
– Pixel 4a
– Pixel 4
– Pixel 4XL
– Pixel 5


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