While the Android 12 beta is currently being used on Google Pixel phones, new images continue to come.



The highly anticipated new operating system Android 12 has recently arrived in beta as limited phone models. The new operating system in Google Pixel phones around the world continues to come up with brand new images, while it is unknown when it will come to other smartphone models. The operating system, which offers both security and performance effectively to its users, continues to be discussed for days with the innovations it brings. In the previous news, we mentioned that the operating system will have a huge lock screen clock and will appear with very special widgets. Today, it’s clear what chat widgets look like.

The new version, which will make the phones quite handsome, will probably appear this summer. As always, the new operating system is on display for the first time on Pixel phones. New images of the new operating system emerge every day. Today, the first images of chat widgets have arrived.


Android 12 Will Make Conversations Indispensable

If you have paid attention to the image above, you can notice how stylish the chat balloons are. Unlike Android 11, the design and coloring of the new version of chat bubbles, which brings radical changes, makes chats indispensable. Also referred to as conversation widgets, these balloons will present users the latest messages, missed calls and other events in a very stylish way. Google, which is currently working on iOS-like widgets, has met the expectations with the visual version of the new version. Especially the new user interface has been the most appreciated feature.


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