Google, which brought Android 12 to the Google Pixel series as a beta last week, gave Google Pixel 6 XL 5G tips in the new update.



In the news we made this week, we mentioned that Android 12 came to Google Pixel phones as a beta and the phones have changed completely and have a brand new look. The update, which brought us a completely remote user interface from Android 11, also brought a huge clock for the lock screen. With the innovations in the notification area, the update, which allows users to manage notifications more easily and quickly, became the subject of our news with a new development today. According to the leaks, the new update gives clues about the Google Pixel 6 XL 5G, which is expected to be a new phone.

Like every update, Android 12 update was first offered to users via Google Pixel phones. While it is not known when the update, which has managed to collect the likes during the beta process, will be released as a full version, it is expected to take its place on the phones this summer according to some estimates. While the update continues to be widely used, brand new leaks have emerged today. These leaks have attracted a lot of attention from Pixel phone owners.


Google Pixel 6 XL 5G Coming

The phone, which is expected to hit the market this year, will make a name for itself as the best phone of the series. The phone model, which is expected to come with the Android 12 update, has previously appeared with various leaks. A brand new one has been added among these unofficial leaks. In the Android 12 update, many tips about the new phone were presented to users. These tips will be detailed in the coming days. Very similar to Samsung’s One UI update, Android 12 marks the arrival of the new phone.


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