In the news we made today, we talked about some of the innovations about Android 12. With the new operating system, it will provide users with customizable vibration effects, allowing them to get a better efficiency from games. In addition, new vibration models will be presented to users. A new detail about Android 12, which has not yet been published but has been verified by Google, has been released. One of the new features of the operating system will be the split screen.



As it is known, users can run many applications in the background on Android devices. However, they cannot view two running applications at the same time. Users who click on the application they want to see will likely adopt the new feature quite a bit.


Android 12 Bomb Feature

Undoubtedly, the most popular feature of the new operating system will be the split screen. Thanks to the split screen, users will be able to view two different applications at the same time. The split screen mode, which will provide users with a better and more intuitive multitasking experience, is currently under the spotlight of Google. Google is currently working to offer this feature to its users with the new operating system.

In addition, users will be able to change the location of the two applications in the split screen as they wish. For example, if you click the application on the right of the screen twice, this application will be sent to the left of the screen.

The first Android 12 developer preview is expected to arrive in February.


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