Android 12, Google’s highly anticipated operating system, will host a special game mode. Better game experience will be offered.


Currently, Android 12, which can be experienced in different phone models as beta, continues to be expected. Expected by users around the world, the operating system will be launched soon. The operating system, which will bring many innovations together, will also make mobile players smile. The system, which will automatically translate applications for Pixel phone users into users’ native languages, seems to make a big difference to iOS. With the information coming today, it turned out that the popular operating system will also have a special player mode.

In the past days, we talked about the emojis that the operating system will bring to us. The operating system, which will present many different innovations, will also have a special game mode.

Android 12 Will Also Have A Special Game Mode

With the information received today, we learned once again that there is a special game mode on the operating system. In fact, we have made many news about this development before and shared it with you. The game mode, which appeared in the beta program but is not available for now, allows users to have a higher and more seamless gaming experience. The game mode also provides users with a frame rate counter, buttons to take a screenshot or start recording a screen, and a host of other items. The player mode is offered to users under the title of ‘do not disturb’.


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