The Android operating system is an operating system that is updated every year. However, we can say that there is a short time left for the introduction of the new version of the Android operating system, which is also supported by security updates every month. Google introduced Android 11 at the Developers Conference in May last year. Although the date of this year’s Google Developers Conference has not been announced yet, the first information about the Android 12 update was leaked today.



The “hibernation of programs” feature leaked by XDA for the first time last year seems to be the secret weapon of Android 12. At this point, we will be presented with the option of the operating system to recognize you and keep the applications in hibernation according to your application usage habits, together with artificial intelligence support.

According to the comments, the ability to clear the system cache is also brought along with the preload. We currently don’t know how this will work, but it turns out; The Android operating system may make a difference to the iOS operating system with this update. It has been mentioned that applications will open at an incredible speed on phones that support 120Hz and 90Hz. Although it remains unclear when Android 12 will be introduced; We can also say that the new operating system will be used in the September – October period. We can also say that Android 12 will be officially used with Google Pixel 6 …


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