While Android 12 beta is offered to Google Pixel users, it has also been revealed that the operating system will have a huge lock screen clock.


Android 12, which is often the subject of our news with its innovations, has finally been launched as beta. Initially, the update for the Google Pixel series will come to other smartphones in the coming days. The future, but these phone models have not been announced yet. We will share it with you as soon as it is announced. The new update, which brings many innovations, will provide users with a more secure structure and will make our work easier with its functional features. The update, which offers the image marking feature for users to take photos, will allow us to make changes on the images as we wish.

When the update released as a beta will pass to the full version, there is no leakage, and a new feature has been leaked to the internet. The operating system, which is expected to have a huge lock screen clock, will not offer this feature to users with the beta version, but most likely the full version will also appear.


Android Will Have 12 Massive Lock Screen Clock

The huge lock screen clock, which is predicted to be used in different variations, will also reveal some important design changes. The lock screen clock, which also points to some possible new theme options, can be added to the home screen as a widget. The huge clock, which can be manually placed on the screen, will almost remind us of the past. It will be satisfying with the clock functionality that will be in a structure that can shrink in the notifications coming to the phone.

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Offering various widget options to users with this update, Google brought the beta version to limited phone models. Let us state once again that these phone models will increase in the coming days.


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