New information leaked from Google revealed that Android 12 will make it easier to download apps from third-party stores.

Android has been allowing users to use third-party app stores and install apps using APK files for years. However, these operations are not very intuitive and straightforward for everyone. Also, apps installed this way are not updated automatically.

This will change in Android 12. According to the XDA Developers publication, which carefully studied the code of the beta version of the new operating system, now third-party app stores will be able to automatically update several programs installed from them at the same time.

Android 12 will be released in autumn

In this case, the user will still only have to give permission to a third-party store once to use the device’s internal memory. The standard Google Play Store works just as well.

As a reminder, the beta version of Android 12 opened up to Pixel smartphones and some other brands this week. Google will release the latest version of this operating system in the fall.


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